Klash Rivera – QUIERO HOUSE

Straight out of Mexico, we are proud to present Klash Rivera’s ‘Quiero House’ EP. The pure sound from Klash Rivera represents the Original Mix in the best way, but this EP is not only to show one great track… we are presenting 6 more tracks with greater sounds and greater names.
Big names inside the international scene like Marcus Wedgewood & Glen Horsborough, Runge, MockBeat and of course, Mexican talent like Enrique Gongora, Adriana Lucia and Made To Move.
There is no doubt, this release will fulfill all users expectations.


Vintage Rhodes – TWILIGHT

Vintage Rhodes has proven that the quality flows in its veins… That’s why here they are as a consolidated Artist at 750 Records after several remixes.
Twilight EP is the brand new EP and includes remixes from the track I Don’t Care from Alex, Mosqueda and Enrique Gongora and all create the atmosphere to keep dancing and non-stop.