Amzo Raga – VISAGE

The brand new EP Visage from Amzo Raga for the first time appearing on 750 Records with much more to come. This EP includes Visage and Nuit as Original Mixes also includes a Remix of the track Visage by great talents collaboration such as Klash Rivera and Ian Cou.


Klash Rivera – QUIERO HOUSE

Straight out of Mexico, we are proud to present Klash Rivera’s ‘Quiero House’ EP. The pure sound from Klash Rivera represents the Original Mix in the best way, but this EP is not only to show one great track… we are presenting 6 more tracks with greater sounds and greater names.
Big names inside the international scene like Marcus Wedgewood & Glen Horsborough, Runge, MockBeat and of course, Mexican talent like Enrique Gongora, Adriana Lucia and Made To Move.
There is no doubt, this release will fulfill all users expectations.


Dwight Evan – BREAKDOWN

A complete brand new sounds all inside this EP!!! Breakdown is the result of Dwight Evan’s genius mind with the exact people remixing these tracks!!! Including awesome mixes by a well-known artist Klash Rivera, the 750 Records duo Yes Please, our very friend Rodrigo Gutti and making his debut at 750 Records Ritch Mollen to show everyone what he is made of!!! 
There is no doubt that this EP comes with a lot of power to be one of the greatest releases of this year!!!



Written from left to right or from right to left this EP comes with excellent sounds, euphoric bass lines and lots of energy!!! We can guarantee that this release will make you Smile Like a Giant with the amazing remixes of Mexican producer Klash Rivera and Colombian producer Alek Herdz making his debut at 750 Records.



The debut of Rodrigo Gutti on the 750 Records label!!! Everything Is Right is the name of this amazing EP with outstanding bass lines and full of groove including the tracks Everything Is Right (Original and Klash Rivera Remix) and Is My Life. There is no doubt that these tracks will make you dance!!!


Klash Rivera – CADA FLOR

Klash Rivera is back into the studio!!! The Mexican style printed in his latest track Cada Flor shows nothing more than Groove from the ethnic Style point of view!!! 
To complete this EP, Klash Rivera invited Variond to show us what he is ready to produce, with the amazing remix of Cada Flor.