Variond – KILL TV

What an opening 2016 with the news that Variond is back on 750 Records!!! Now with outstanding tracks inside this Kill TV EP, including Kill TV and I Need. This release could not be finished with a World Class level remix from Kill TV by Dhyan Droik. A Must Listen EP.



No matter if you listen to the original mixes or remixes you just will find the energy inside this EP. Luis Alberto González Salazar better known as Luizhi S is the man behind this tracks with his debut tracks on the label.
Also, this release includes amazing remixes by two well known and world-class artists from 750 Records like Rhythm Box and Variond, there is no chance this EP passes without smashing some dance floors!!!


Casari – I’M A SAVIOR

The Savior is here!!! A new talent has arrived at 750 Records Label and he responds to the name of Casari. The man behind Casari is Felipe Santos, a Brazilian young producer who delivers a full Deep House EP called I’m a Savior.
This EP is completed by a remix of two well-known artists at 750 Records Variond & Sloo!!!


Klash Rivera – CADA FLOR

Klash Rivera is back into the studio!!! The Mexican style printed in his latest track Cada Flor shows nothing more than Groove from the ethnic Style point of view!!! 
To complete this EP, Klash Rivera invited Variond to show us what he is ready to produce, with the amazing remix of Cada Flor.



Deep basses and full of groove are synonyms of the one and only style from Variond!!! If you are looking for a heavyweight track to bounce the dance floors here is Bassi Grind and Sumerian, both into the Bassi Grind EP.